Gold Package - Option #1


Gold Training Package = $3,400

Instruction Hours

· Two 1.5 hour Classes per week on average (November-April) (48 Classes at roughly $21 per class)($1,000 total)

· 1 hour of reserved cage rental availability per week (year round)

· Pickens Baseball League (2 games per week) (April-July) (Roughly 30 Games)

· One 1 Hour practice before the League games (April-July) 

· Fall Ball and Practices (August-2nd week of October) (Roughly 10 Games)

Other Features Include

· Tutoring

· College/Individual Scouting Report (Quarterly with Hit Trax)

· Summer Tournaments (Roughly 18-30 Games)

· Uniform Package (2 Jerseys, 1 Pair of Pants, Helmet, Hat, Bag)

· Arm Care and Strength and Conditioning via Dana Cavalea videos and Coach Pickens monitoring

· Paid Coaches

· Added Personnel to help manage Tournaments, Scheduling, Apparel, Uniforms, etc.