How this program is different...

Program Goals


-Teach players how to be a leader

-Train players how to make their own adjustments and then watch them teach others

-Baseball has a lot of rules

-The more you know, the better you will be

-The better you are at making adjustments, the better you will be

-The more reps you take, the better you will be

-The muscle memory you create when you train, matters

-That if the players follow the information and training schedule set forth, they will excel at baseball faster than other teams.

-Physically – Be as athletic as you can be

Mentally – Be as smart as you can be about every play possible that baseball has to offer

-Routine – Have a routine that sets you up for success

-Training – Learn, adjust, rep as much as you can, even if you have the hang of it

-Teammate – Support others around you about the situations the players are trying to get batter at.


What makes us different...


  • Pickens Baseball Academy offers all year around training.
  • Players who have access to train all year around, helps to break bad habits and ingrain the good.
  • I have created the academy to focus on individual and team development. 
  • Players may have the opportunity to guest play on additional teams in the academy
  • Same Age Teams
  • Multiple Age Split Squad
  • Pickens Baseball League
  • Scrimmaging
  • Tournaments
  • We believe in the importance of film breakdown. I teach the boys the skills to read batters stances and where they will hit the ball.
  • This in turn leads to defensive player adjustments to make the players more successful
  • The academy stresses the importance of character building on and off the field. 
  • We review grades and make sure each player conducts themselves with the upmost respect.
  • Pickens Baseball Academy has highly trained staff who has been taught by Coach Pickens.
  • Coaches will be required to attend and pass the same classes players do as well as attend quarterly coaches meetings.
  • The academy understands the importance of empowering young players.
  • Coach Pickens teaches the pitchers and catchers to call their own games
  • Often times, the coaches will have the players coach 3rd base during practices and scrimmages
  • Through film breakdown, the staff encourages the players to make their own adjustments
  • We offer a flexible schedule for multi-sport player
  • There are numerous days and times for each class that the player can attend